Highlights from the Wiffen Collection

15th August 2016

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Research scholar Dr Christopher Matthews takes us into the rare books vault at Wadham College, University of Oxford, to show us highlights from the Wiffen Collection of Spanish Protestantism.

Play Christopher Matthews in the Wadham Library stack

Dr Matthews, a research scholar in the area of 16th Century Spanish refugees, explores volumes from Wadham Library's Benjamin Wiffen Collection which focuses on Spanish and Italian reformers of the 16th Century.

Interestingly, detailed handwritten notes added by Wiffen (1794- 1867) are often found in the books. These notes provide fascinating information regarding where or how Wiffen obtained the items, what their purpose was to him and to the general readership and Wiffen's own cross references to other books in his collection. "It's like having a conversation with a man from the nineteenth century," comments Dr Matthews.

The books discussed in the film include:
El Nuevo Testamento, traduzido...por Francisco de Enzinas. A first translation into contemporary Spanish of the New Testament of the Bible, dedicated to Charles V, Emperor of Europe (1543)
Dialogo de las lenguas (1737), Juan de Valdes
Imajen del antecrsito (1849), Bernardino Ochino
Three Treatises on the Church (1857), John Wyckliffe
Commentario o declaracion breve y compediosa sobre la Epistola de S. Paolo Apostol a los Romanos (1556), Juan de Valdes
An excellent comfort to all Christians against all kinde of calamities (1576), Juan Perez de Pineda
Dos tratados del papa...i de la misa (segunda edicion) (1599) Cipriano de Valera
Memoir of a mission to Gibraltar and Spain (1844) William H. Rule
Los Psalmos de David (1557), Juan Perez de Pineda

Dr Christopher J Matthews is Professor at Al Ándalus Theological Seminary in Seville.