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1st December 2016


Applications are open for Keeley Visiting Fellows at Wadham College here at the University of Oxford. So what is a Keeley Visiting Fellowship and why might you apply?

In my home institution I usually don't have the time or the opportunity to sit and talk to colleagues from different fields.  Since I enjoy interdisciplinary studies, this is one of the unexpected bonuses of being at Wadham.

Elio Brancaforte, Visiting Fellow 2016/17

Keeley Visiting Fellows are a class of Fellows created and endowed in honour of Mr TC Keeley, a much respected Fellow in Physics from 1924 to 1963. The Fellowships, which are for scholars who already have full financial support, are intended to provide the visitors with a social and academic base where they can meet academics with a broader range of interests than might otherwise be likely within a single Faculty or Department. The Fellows will be based in Oxford for the period of the Fellowships and will actively contribute to the academic and social life of the College.

Elio Brancaforte is Associate Professor in the Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies at Tulane University, New Orleans and is a Wadham Visiting Fellow in the current academic year (2016/17). He commented: ““When I go to lunch, and sit down at one of the two long tables, it's always a bit of an adventure, since I never know whom I'll be sitting next to. People are very friendly and invariably introduce themselves, especially when they see that I am a newcomer. I've really enjoyed meeting people from a wide range of disciplines and hearing about their work - I've met Wadham fellows who work in physics, mechanical engineering, evolutionary biology, along with doctors and lawyers, classicists and anthropologists, as well as historians and scholars of German, French, Persian, and English literature.”

Visiting Fellow, Professor Jane Stevenson is Regius Professor of Humanity, attached to the History department, at the University of Aberdeen. She said: “Being a visiting fellow is an interesting experience, with manifold advantages. On the simplest level, in a collegiate university such as Oxford, it is infinitely easier to find out what’s going on if you have an ox.ac.uk email address, and I am more than grateful for this privilege. Wadham makes its guests very welcome, and I particularly enjoy having access to the SCR as a quiet and private space to drop in for a quarter of an hour or so and read a newspaper. The college’s beautiful gardens have also been a great pleasure, and I look forward to watching spring unfold in the course of next term.”

Visiting Fellows form a welcome addition to the Wadham fellowship, and their contribution to college life is much valued.

Nominations are invited from Faculties or Departments, and from individual senior members of the University. Applications should be sent by email to wardens.secretary@wadh.ox.ac.uk by noon on Friday 17 February 2017. These should include a curriculum vitae, a list of key publications and a brief statement by the candidate of the work to be pursued in Oxford, and must be supported by a letter of recommendation from the nominator and two other references from outside Oxford.  Applications are particularly welcome from women and black and minority ethnic candidates, who are under-represented in academic posts in Oxford.

  • Jane Stevenson

Being a Visiting Fellow is an interesting experience, with manifold advantages.

Jane Stevenson, Visiting Fellow 2016/17