Changing faces: Tsou Sheung Tsun

18th February 2016

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Mathematician Tsou Sheung Tsun (Bowra Fellow 1978-1979), one of Wadham's first women Fellows, is featured in this new photographic portrait.

  • Mathematician Tsou Sheung Tsun (Bowra Fellow 1978-1979)

    Mathematician Tsou Sheung Tsun (Bowra Fellow 1978-1979) wearing a mobius loop necklace.

This newly commissioned photographic portrait, is one of a series of images which are going up around College. The sitters have been chosen following nominations from staff, students and alumni, as inspirational members of the Wadham community.

Sheung Tsun is a Mathematician and Emeritus Fellow of the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford. She is a member of the research group working in mathematical physics.

Her research focusses on Gauge field theory; Structure of the Standard Model; Duality and its application to particle physics and astrophysics; Fermion masses and mixing -neutrino oscillations; Geometric ideas in field theory.  She is also involved in the development of mathematics in developing countries.

She is President of the Centre International de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées in Nice, France. She has sat on various committees including the Developing Countries Strategy Group of the International Mathematical Union, and   two relating to the European Mathematical Society, namely the Committee for Women and Mathematics and the Committee for Developing Countries (chair of the latter for  several years).

To engage in pure thought is one of the most exhilarating experiences. I work in mathematical physics, a discipline which tries to organise observed physical phenomena using whatever mathematical tools are necessary.

Tsou Sheung Tsun

Warden Ken Macdonald QC is spearheading this project to showcase a more balanced selection of images of Wadham’s alumni and fellows: “I wanted to address the predominance in Hall and around College of portraits of white men. The Wadham community is a diverse and inclusive one and, until now, this has not been reflected by the portraits which adorn its walls. Over the coming months we hope to go some way to provide our students with inspirational images which reflect today’s Wadham community.”

Photographer Sophia Spring was commissioned to capture this image, one of nine which will be featured individually on the website over the coming weeks.

A portrait of Tsou Sheung Tsun, seated on the Penrose paving outsie the JCR bar at Wadham, is held in the National Portrait Gallery collection. Captured by James Hunkin in 2001 it was part of a Faces of Science exhibition.

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