Torpids 2016

25th February 2016

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Our men join the women in the top half of the highest division on the bumps charts after a total of six Wadham rowing crews competed in Torpids.

Watch some of the action in the video below


Wadham SU Sports Officer and rower Lia Orlando reports on the racing: “Joining the women in the top half of the highest division on the Torpids bumps chart, the Wadham men sit at the highest they’ve been in recent history. The weather graced us with a few gloriously sunny days for racing, despite a tough term of training with poor river conditions allowing for very little time in boats on the water. This did take a toll on our crews, and we were all up against some very prepared opposition." 

Summary of the week:

W3 – the achievement of the week was qualifying for the racing, with some members having only sat in a boat twice before! They rowed over to stay level in the middle of division 5 on day one, before an unfortunate foray with the riverbank on Thursday led them to drop several places, and then being bumped on the next two days.

M3 - the boys fully committed on day one to overbump Univ II along the Greenbank, reinforcing their dominance as the highest third boat on the river! Thursday they held off Catz II right across the finish line, and bumped Trinity II the following day. They ended the week with a very close gain on Hertford II, but not quite managing to get that third bump.

W2 - with a tough position as highest second boat on the river, the crew dropped into Div 3 on day one, but rowed extremely well to hold off Queen's on Thursday after being bumped by a very strong Green Templeton. Friday and Saturday involved being bumped a few times by St. Hugh's, Mansfield and Wolfson II. There’s high hopes to get that W2 headship back next year!

M2 - a disappointing start on Wednesday saw them bumped by a fast Wolfson II, however the boys went out determined on Thursday, bumping New II at the top of Div 4. They managed to secure a place in division 3 the next day with a bump on Christ Church II

W1 – it has been a tough week at the top of Div 1. Despite rowing well, the boats around them proved a tough match for the Wadham crew with four (incredibly strong) novices. Bumped once a day by Magdalen, Oriel, Pembroke and Christ Church they ended the week fifth of the river, full of determination to climb the ranks next year.

M1 - this crew of mostly inexperienced rowers have been phenomenally fast, having closed on a quick Wolfson on Wednesday and Thursday. Determined on day three, M1 bumped Christ Church and rowed over on Saturday to stay the fifth boat in division 1!


W1: Joe Reason - Sophia Carson Edwards, Olivia Weatherhead, Rachel Anderson, Aliénor Hunter, Maddy Butler, Eliza Mauhs-Pugh, Georgia Mason, Vera Tardos

Supersub: Xanthe Palmer for Thursday, Lia Orlando for Friday and Saturday 

W2: Jane Barnard - Natasha Davie, Christina Tang, Zuzana Vikarska, Megan Edwards, Giulia Vidori, Eliza Dickie, Jen Appleby, Dani Chattenton

W3: Jen Appleby - Sam Harris, Lena Mangold, Emma Doran, Jessica Morgan, Jane Barnard, Nicole Sochor, Laura Mason, Lynn Chua

M1: Tim Davies - James Evry, Joe Emsley, Kjolv Egeland, Patrick Bapty, Richard Appleby, Moritz Esch, Cam Higgins, Jonathan Cheung

M2: Maddy Butler - Adit Kale, Dennis Mok, Moritz Seiler, Tom Malpas, Philipp Zelter, Edoardo Pirovano, Nick Basty, Seb Grogan

M3:Scott Houghton - Joe Reason, Dan McNaughton, Jan Philipp Haas, Roy Kimachia, Hao Wen, Gabriel Dalboozi, Kishan Makwana, Alberto Carella

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