Powerlifting winners

2nd June 2016

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After a little difficulty in putting together a team, Wadham sent two men and four women to Powerlifting Cuppers this year, and came home with the gold!  

  • The Wadham Powerlifters

    The Wadham Powerlifters (l-r) Angus Duncan, Xanthe Gwyn Palmer, Lyndsey Starr, Natasha Davie and Kitt McIntosh

Powerlifter Izzy Gaffney (Chemistry, 2015) reports: “This is the first time that Wadham has competed in this event, and a fantastic achievement, especially for the newly established Wadham Women's Weightlifting club, who had many more keen lifters who couldn't come due to finals.  

Special mention should go to Kitt McIntosh who finished sixth overall and only just missed fifth place - an amazing achievement considering everyone who was placed higher was a University of Oxford ‘Blue’ with many years of experience! Another mention should go to Lyndsey Starr, with the highest score out of all the women competing on the day.

All in all it was a great day, with a really supportive atmosphere (and beer and Mission Burrito vouchers for the winners!), and we look forward to putting together a team for next year! 

So a big thanks to Natasha Davie, Lyndsey Starr, Xanthe Gwyn Palmer, Izzy Gaffney, Kitt McIntosh and Angus Duncan for bringing home the gold!” 

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