Artist in residence - Fiona Haines

14th March 2016

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Artist Fiona Haines takes up a four week Artistic Research Residency at Wadham in March 2016.

  • Detail from Porthleven Prize

    Detail from Porthleven Prize by Fiona Haines

  • Detail from Flow by Fiona Haines

    Detail from Flow by Fiona Haines

  • Fugitive essence (Photo by Ben Brain)

    Fugitive essence by Fiona Haines (Photo by Ben Brain)

  • Detail from Porthleven Prize by Fiona Haines

    Detail from Porthleven Prize by Fiona Haines

Fiona works as an artist in Bath, and in 2013 she was commissioned to make a water sculpture for Chelsea Flower Show - a Gold medal was awarded.

During her studies for a Masters in Fine Art (2014) she was awarded the Gane Travel Award to Iceland and the Porthleven prize. Her work is held in the Fidelity International Collections, Bath Spa University and the Oxford Castle Art Collection.

Fiona is concerned with the ontology of landscapes in the quest to capture fugitive essence. She is interested in making things visible that are not normally seen by the human eye such as minerals found in Cornish water and geothermal waters from Bath and Iceland. Fiona transforms objects and juxtaposes them outside of their context to become a delivery system of the concept of fugitive essence.

During her residency Fiona will research the College’s historical connection to the Royal Society and the contemporary work of fluid dynamics by Professor Alfonso Castrejon-Pita. With the assistance of a multidisciplinary team: Wadham Boat Club, Professor Castrejon-Pita, a Wadham engineering undergraduate and Professor Ronald Roy (HMC), she will record the underwater rowing sounds of the crew. Fiona has a range of unusual analogue cameras and during the residency will capture a series of images using long exposure photography.

‘I am thrilled to have been selected for the first Artist research residency and look forward to researching, capturing and revealing the sights and sounds of Wadham College.’