Queerfest 2016

23rd November 2016

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Wadham celebrated LGBTQIA+ culture with a week of events culminating in Queerfest in the gardens on Saturday.

  • Wadham's Front Quad lit up for Queerfest 2016

    Wadham's Front Quad lit up for Queerfest 2016 Photo: OU LGBTQ Soc

  • Photo: Francesca Forristal

  • Photo: Mark Logan

  • Photo: Ken Macdonald QC

  • Jonah, Wadham's welfare puppy, takes centre stage at Queerfest. Photo: Lucy Halton

  • Photo: Francesca Forristal

  • Photo: Ken Macdonald QC

Organised by Wadham students, Queerfest is Oxford’s biggest student celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, queer, intersex and asexual culture, complete with live music and dancing.

Queer Week is an annual week of events run in Wadham College organised by Wadham’s current LGBTQIA+ officer (Helena Bladen) and a Queer Week Committee (Saahil Kaura Bali, Son Olszewski, Hannah Marshall, Michael Sackur and Eleanor Watson).

For a week every year the rainbow flag flies high and the front quad is lit up with pink and rainbow lights. This year he Wadham community and people from across the University came to the college to learn more about LGBTQIA+ issues and celebrate LGBTQIA+ culture in a week of 27 different events.

Queer Week, from 13 - 20 November, featured talks, workshops, panels and film screenings. Events ranged from academic talks on queer History to rainbow cake baking to gender-neutral hairdressing appointments and lots more!

Ten different charities contributed to Queer Week by speaking about their work, representing different parts of the LGBTQIA+ acronym and different issues that LGBTQIA+ people face, including the Asexuality Visibility and Education Network, UKIA, BiUK, Educate & Celebrate and many more! The week culminated in Queerfest (‘Friends of Dorothy’), a bright and colourful celebration of diversity, equality and LGBTQIA+ culture organised by the SU’s amazing Entz team (Ben Foster, Emma Ring, Fran Benson and Georgia Mason).

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