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19th October 2016

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A short film featuring and choreographed by Wadham Biology Lecturer Cedric Tan has been shortlisted in the 2016 Dance your PhD competition.

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'Mission Immuno-Possible' featuring the PhD work of Amy Hong (Linacre) is one of 12 videos shortlisted in the journal Science’s Dance Your PhD contest this year.

Filmed in the Mathematical Institute and the Blavatnik School of Government, the film demonstrates the behaviour of a cell when faced with infection, likening the body’s Toll-like receptors (TLRs) to secret service agents patrolling to detect foreign infections. The cell nucleus is shown as the secret service HQ which, when alerted, produces more TLRs to defeat infection.  

This is the ninth year of the contest, which challenges scientists to explain their doctoral research through the medium of dance.  

You can vote for your favourite of the 12 finalists up to 21 October, and competition results will be announced on 25 October.

In 2013, Cedric Tan won the Dance your PhD competition with a video illustrating sperm competition between brothers within the red jungle fowl community.

Cedric, from Green Templeton College, is passionate about communicating science through different channels. Working with a team from the Association for the study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB) he recently developed a card game, ECO-DIVO, to help A Level Biology students boost their knowledge about biodiversity and ecosystems.
“Players can explore the fascinating natural history of organisms in the United Kingdom and learn about species interaction, human impacts and diversity while competing to build a fascinating food web or diversity groups,” explained Cedric.

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