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24th October 2016

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Three Keeley Visiting Fellows have joined Wadham this year, with expertise in biology, history, literature and language.

  • Professors David Reznick, Jane Stevenson and Elio Brancaforte

    (L-r) Professors David Reznick, Jane Stevenson and Elio Brancaforte

David Reznick is Professor of Biology at the University of California. His general interest is in studying the process of evolution by natural selection from an experimental perspective and testing evolutionary theory in natural populations. He primarily works on guppies from the Caribbean Island of Trinidad.

Professor Jane Stevenson is Regius Professor of Humanity, attached to the History department, at the University of Aberdeen. Jane has two clusters of research interests which relate to medieval and early modern women’s writing, particularly writing in Latin,and early modern British writers who published on the continent, especially the writings of exiles.  A forthcoming book, Baroque Between the Wars, currently with Oxford University Press, reflects another strand of interest in the interwar arts. Jane has a second ongoing career as a literary novelist and has published six novels.  She is also a literary journalist and reviewer.

Elio Brancaforte is Associate Professor in the Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies at Tulane University, New Orleans. His research interests include comparative literature (especially early modern travel literature), oriental studies, word and images studies, translation, cultural exchange, early modern science, theories of representation, and the history of cartography. While at Oxford he is working on a book titled Europe Discovers Iran and Azerbaijan: Dutch and German Representations of the Safavid Empire (1635-1712).

The Keeley Visiting Fellows are a class of Fellows created and endowed in honour of Mr T.C. Keeley, a much respected Fellow in Physics who served Wadham from 1924 to 1963. They form a welcome addition to the fellowship, and their contribution to college life is much valued. Keeley Visiting Fellows are appointed based on departmental nomination for a period of up to a year’s sabbatical in their chosen subject, based at Wadham.

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