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9th August 2017

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The inaugural Wadham Graduate Conference explored ongoing research into gaming, sleep restriction, classical libraries, solar cells, literature, cancer and more.

Organized by Wadham College Middle Common Room members, the conference was attended by the Warden of Wadham College, Ken Macdonald QC, who urged students to make it an annual highlight of the graduate year.

Eight members of the MCR presented their research work at the conference. Subjects ranged from ‘Nightwood in the shadow of Nazism’, by Zhao Ng to ‘Heterogeneity within cancer’, by Mustak Ibn Ayub.

Other titles were: ‘Experiential gaming enhances conservation teaching’ by Cedric Tan; ‘The MARTINI Trial - Mechanisms of Sleep Restriction Therapy in Insomnia: A randomised, controlled evaluation comparing bedtime consistency therapy with sleep restriction therapy’ by Leonie Maurer; ‘A mobile image enhancement system for sight impaired individuals’, by Iain R. Wilson; ‘Superconducting Joints: A Persistent Problem’, by Timothy Davis; ‘Novel, flexible, perovskite, thin-film solar cells - can technology save the world?’ by Juliane Borchert; and ‘Completing’ the Classics: canonicity and maintenance in the Loeb Classical Library’, by Mirte Liebregts.

Wadham Fellow in Physics and Professor of Astrophysics Martin Bureau and Music Fellow Professor Eric Clarke presided over two conference sessions, with the day culminating in dinner at a local restaurant.

Presenter and College Lecturer Cedric Tan commented: “From the arts and engineering to the sciences, it was fascinating to experience research from very different disciplines during this conference. We had many insightful discussions, I made new friends with whom I wouldn't otherwise have had the opportunity to cross paths, and we enjoyed a delicious after-event dinner. I would love to see this happening again next year.”

  • Warden of Wadham College, Ken Macdonald QC, opens the Graduate Conference

    Warden of Wadham College, Ken Macdonald QC, opens the Graduate Conference