Squatting Slovenia

3rd August 2017

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Two students have been inspired to make a short documentary film describing squats that they explored during travels in Slovenia, with the help of a Wadham travel grant.

'Squatting Slovenia' is a short documentary film made by Wadham students Ruby O’Grady (Biology, 2014) and Jacob Armstrong (English and German, 2014), describing Metelkova and Rog in Ljubliana, Slovenia.

Metelkova, was previously an army barracks until the early 90's before being occupied by artist and activist communities. In more recent years it has become a cultural heritage site and tourist destination, providing nightclubs for European travellers.

“I was intrigued to know how a community that had emerged as a base for people to express themselves freely, itself in the old headquarters of the Yugoslav army, had amalgamated to be accepted by the city's institution,” commented Ruby.

The second squat, Rog, previously a bicycle factory, is more recent. Currently under threat, this community provides support for those that have travelled through Europe under different circumstances.

This short documentary explores what role these different communities have and how they have changed over time.

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