Empower Her Voice

6th February 2017

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Empowering young women from across the world is the mission of two Wadham students who have launched EmpowerHerVoice (EHV).

  • Zainab and Amira

    Zainab Ali Majid (Physics, 2015) and Amira Fateh (Spanish and Portuguese, 2015)

EHV is working to facilitate the empowerment of young women through two separate streams, by organising a series of talks in Oxford and other universities, and raising funds to support a project for disadvantaged girls in Karachi, Pakistan.

“We are creating a platform for young women in universities and schools across the world by inviting the talented and passionate to give short talks about their specific interests,” explained EHV co-founder Amira Fateh (Spanish and Portuguese, 2015).

Co-founder Zainab Ali Majid (Physics, 2015) added: “The talks are to give women a platform to discuss the things they are passionate about – not about how you are limited as a woman, but about what you can achieve.”

Some forty people attended the first speaker event at Wadham where guest speakers discussed migration, legislative authority over the female form and the work of activist Selma James. Each talk is recorded and will be posted on the EHV website to be shared with other young women.

Zainab and Amira plan to share their speaker event model with other universities and schools, providing shared resources and creating a network of events designed to empower young women.

The wider and long-term aim of EHV is to fund and establish centres across the world for girls, to provide them with a space for self-growth. These centres would act as a refuge from gender-related violence, as well as providing an environment for self-empowerment and learning independent from their schools or family homes.

Their first project is based in Karachi, Pakistan. “We plan to raise money to equip this centre with books, computers and tools for music and art, in addition to offering language courses, technical courses and scholarship schemes,” explained Zainab whose family is from Pakistan. “Our aim is to be the facilitators, offering young women the tools to help themselves,” she added. EHV is in the process of finding a base in Karachi and scoping out the costs involved in establishing the project in order to have realistic targets for their fundraising page.

Amira and Zainab are looking for creative fundraising ideas and would like to hear from anyone interested in speaking at their talks. Contact them at: empowerhervoice@gmail.com or find out more by visiting their website at http://www.empowerhervoice.org/