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22nd February 2017

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As copies of the Donor Report and the 2016 Wadham Gazette wing their way to our alumni across the world over the next few weeks, our Development Director is building alumni networks in the US.

Following the huge success of our Social Mobility Summit in the House of Lords and the launch of our Impact Report, we have an exciting international programme of events lined up over the next few months. We begin on 1 March with our Circles’ Debate on the Parthenon Marbles at the British Museum in London. The 1970-74 Gaudy takes place on the 17 March in Oxford and then you can join us for a reunion in Singapore on 24 March. April events include our London dinner, intercollegiate golf and  US reunions. Do check out our events listing for further details of all these exciting events and more!

Wadham College Development Director, Julie Hage, is based in the Bay Area in California with her family until early June this year, and will be reaching out to alumni here and across North America to discuss how the College can facilitate networking among our 200 alumni in California and more than 800 alumni in North America.

Our growing group of alumni living and working in the Bay Area and in Los Angeles are employed in a wide range of areas, including the tech-industry, academia and film production. Working with the Oxford alumni group in California, as well as one of our resourceful Wadham Alumni Society Committee members, Sachin Patel (Physics, 2001), we are also planning a programme of networking events and talks, kindly co-hosted by Sachin in a San Francisco venue to be confirmed shortly.

We hope many of you will join Julie and the Warden, Ken Macdonald QC, for the events on the West Coast and in New York in April. Please do get in touch if you would like to be involved: julie.hage@wadh.ox.ac.uk. Rachel Saunders in the Development Office would be also very happy to sign you up for one of our events: rachel.saunders@wadh.ox.ac.uk

Los Angeles: University Alumni Reception and Wadham Dinner

Palo Alto: University Alumni Reception and Wadham Dinner

New York: University Academic Programme and Wadham Reception

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