Burning and naming

24th January 2017

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Wadham women's first eight celebrated their Summer Eights Head of the River victory with the burning of an old boat and the naming of two new ones.


Boat naming

Some 40 students and alumni met at the Boathouse to see the unveiling of the names for the two new fours. 

Speaking at the event, current WCBC Women's President Joe Reason (Medicine, 2012), said: "We are so thankful to all members of the Wadham College Boat Club Society for the donations, be that of time or funds, to help ensure the boat club can remain competitive in races both inside and outside of Oxford".  

The new women's four was revealed as Alpha, a tribute to the generous donor who donated funds to buy the boat. The new men's four was christened Paul Bowen, in celebration of the work the Paul Bowen (History, 1962) has put into the boat club to coach the students. Paul has been a part of coaching at Wadham since the 70s, and many of the current students know him as he been back to coach over the past four years.

Commenting on the naming, Paul said: “When I look at this new four, it won't be my name I see but all of your names who I have coached over the years as it you who has given so much to me".

WCBC is very thankful for the generous donations which allowed them to update their old fours, especially as over the last few years the number of students rowing has increased, resulting in greater use of these boats.

  • Wadham's two new rowing eights

    Wadham's two new rowing eights

  • Speeches from alumnus Paul Bowen, after whom one of the boats is named and cox Joe Reason.

    Speeches from alumnus Paul Bowen (History, 1962), after whom one of the new boats is named, and cox Joe Reason (Medicine, 2012).

  • Paul Bowen christens one of the fours

  • Cox, Joe Reason sits on the upturned hull of the sacrificial boat as it leaves the river on its way to Wadham

  • Photo by Jonathan Cheung

    Photo by Jonathan Cheung

  • Domestic Bursar Frances Lloyd leads the boat through Oxford

  • Arrival at Wadham

  • Photo by Claire Pope

  • Photo by Ben Williams

  • Photo by Jonathan Cheung

    Photo by Jonathan Cheung

Boat burning

Following the boat naming ceremony, guests celebrated Wadham's First Women's Crew going Head of the River in Summer VIIIs 2016. An old, unrowable wooden boat was carried from the Boathouse in Christ Church Meadows, up to the Fellows' Gardens in Wadham, part of the way with the cox Joe Reason being carried on top.

Despite the icy cold weather, around 100 people gathered at Wadham to watch the celebratory burning of the boat. Although not all the crew could attend the burning, around half were there to watch the event, alongside their coach Rod Andrews, who cannot be thanked enough for the tireless work he does with the boat club, giving up his time to coach students from complete beginners up to Head of the River standard.

The winning crew were: Joe Reason (cox) - Rachel Anderson (stroke), Anna Robotham, Maddy Badcott, Lia Orlando, Olivia Weatherhead, Lena Mangold, Maddy Butler and Eliza Mauhs-Pugh (bow).

Message from WCBC

WCBC would like to thank of the alumni who kindly donate their time and their funds, without which we would not be able to offer rowing to students at such a high standard. We are always very thankful to anyone who wishes to join this community of givers and if you too would like to join or just stay in touch with what is happening, please visit wcbcs.org.uk   for more information.

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