Astronomy expedition

20th July 2017

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Wadham’s Martin Bureau has been selected to join an Oxbridge alumni astronomy trip to Norway and the Northern Lights where he will be presenting a series of lectures.

  • Martin Bureau

    Professor Martin Bureau

Acting as ‘Star Expert’ Martin’s lectures will include Big Toys: Light and Telescopes; The Dark Side of the Force: Dark Energy and Dark Matter; and Universal Recycling: Stellar Nurseries and Graveyards.

Lindemann Fellow and Tutor in Physics at Wadham and Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Oxford, Martin’s  research centres on the formation and evolution of galaxies, primarily through detailed studies of nearby systems, this across the whole electromagnetic spectrum.

He utilises integral-field spectrographs and synthesis imaging to yield three-dimensional observations of nearby galaxies. His current projects include calculating the weight of supermassive black holes lurking at the heart of galaxies, and characterising the nature of galaxies when our universe was only half its current age.

The Astronomy Tour of Norway’s coastline, a cruise designed for Oxford and Cambridge alumni, takes place over twelve days from 17 March 2018 and is organised by Hurtigruten.

The cruise ship departs from Bergen, and will search for the Aurora Borealis as it travels to Kirkenes and back stopping at at a variety of ports along the way. This will enable travellers to take part in various excusions from snowmobile safaris to a Husky sledge adventure.

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