Sauvignon and summaries

6th July 2016

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Sauvignon blanc and research summaries were the subjects of two popular events organised by Wadham College Research Associates this term.

Research Associate John Miles reports on Finding your Sauvignon Style - wine tasting with Dr Lisa Drakeman

“Sauvignon Blanc is one of the leading expatriates of the wine world, roaming far from its French roots to display a surprisingly wide variety of flavours and diverse winemaking techniques."

"Finding your Sauvignon Style, led expertly by Dr Lisa Drakeman and organised by Wadham’s Wine Committee and its Research Associates, gave a full audience of Fellows and Wadham graduates the opportunity to explore five distinctive dry styles from around the New and Old Worlds. For the finale, they sampled a delicious Sauternes, a wonderful dessert wine blend from Bordeaux.

Dr Drakeman, who among her many talents (not least having built up an enormously successful biotech company, Genmab, as its CEO) is a certified sommelier, was ably assisted by Professor Stephen Heyworth (Fellow in Classics and secretary of Wadham College Wine Committee), leading the audience on a fabulous journey from continent to continent and style to style. All present left the event with a renewed appreciation of the singular natures of the wines they had tasted – and a warm glow to match!”

  • Anbara Khalidi

    Anbara Khalidi

Research Associate Anbara Khalidi reports from the Dorothy Cafe: Making Snappier Summaries

“Discussions at the Dorothy Cafe focused on how to create more effective research summaries for non-academic audiences. We discussed Dr Karen Kelsy's advice about cutting the waffle, and shared our synopses. Advice from the group included reading articles published by The Conversation, The Atlantic, and Aeon for communicating complex ideas without losing nuance. Group discussion led to brainstorming a strategy for creating dynamic introductions to research projects. This included practicing answers to the simple questions about our research that can sometimes throw us off!”