A tragic masterpiece

15th June 2017

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A new edition of Euripides’s Iphigenia at Aulis, the first in English since 1891, has been published by Wadham Emeritus Fellow James Morwood.

  • Emeritus Fellow James Morwood with co-editor Chris Collard

    Euripides’s Iphigenia at Aulis co-editors, Emeritus Fellow James Morwood and Chris Collard

The book is the result of collaboration with Chris Collard, formerly Professor of Classics at Swansea and now attached to The Queen’s College, Oxford.

The tragedy Iphigenia at Aulis is a major masterpiece, dealing with the terrible conflicts within a supremely dysfunctional family as Agamemnon sacrifices his daughter so that he can go ahead with the Trojan War.

Commenting on the original text James Morwood said: “The Greek text of the play is full of uncertainties and some of it is certainly not by Euripides, problems which have put off editors over the past 125 years.”

In taking on this tremendous challenge, Chris and James hope that they have made a great play much more easily accessible.

'Euripides: Iphigenia at Aulis', published by Liverpool University Press, comprises two volumes sold as a set (Volume 1: Introduction, Text and Translation; Volume 2: Commentary and Indexes).

This book follows hot on the heels of the publication of an edition of Vergil’s Aeneid by Wadham Classics Fellow Stephen Heyworth and James Morwood. Interestingly Chris Collard and Stephen Heyworth attended the same school, Collyer’s in Horsham (now a sixth-form college), and coincided as editors of Classical Quarterly in 1997-8.  Chris and James both went to Peterhouse in Cambridge, where they were taught by Ted Kenney, who was also Steve’s doctoral supervisor.

  • Chris Collard, James Morwood and Stephen Heyworth

    With schools, universities and Classics in common, Chris Collard, James Morwood and Stephen Heyworth

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