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8th June 2017

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The challenges of presenting data in interesting ways were addressed in a presentation to Wadham's graduate students.

Research Associate Jinwoo Leem introduced the audience to data visualisation and answered questions from students seeking advice on how to make their data both easier to understand, and more beautiful.

Jin encouraged all researchers to experiment with different ways of presenting their data, whether historians or statisticians, and recommended keeping a file for inspiration to refer to when creating infographics.

He also recommended useful websites and demonstrated 'visual essays' to show how data visualisation can help tell better stories.

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Forthcoming event

Jinwoo will be presenting a further discussion group about analysing publically-available data: Wadham Hackathon: Mining Donald Trump's Tweets on Thursday 22 June 5.30pm, Gillese Badun Seminar Room.

  • Dr Jinwoo Leem

    Dr Jinwoo Leem