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9th March 2017

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Wadham students planted six young trees as part of a carbon offset project following the winning Summer VIIIs boat burning ceremony in January 2017.

  • Jovana Deden and and Emma Richards

  • Lia Orlando and Joseph Reason

  • Rosie Clear Hill and Sarah Hiepler

  • The boat burning ceremony in January 2017

    The boat burning ceremony in January 2017

Cox of the winning boat, Joseph Reason (Medicine, 2012) reports: “One sunny Friday in February, students from the SU went along to Oxford City Farm in Cowley to plant trees to carbon offset the boat burning held in January.

"After successfully rowing to victory in Summer VIIIs 2016, we took part in the tradition of burning an old (unusable) wooden boat in the Wadham gardens. It was a great event but we wished to make the event as sustainable as possible hence looked into ways of carbon offsetting this boat burning.

"The planting of the six donated trees (two cherry, one Victoria plum, one greengage and two cobnuts) followed the signing of a 40 year lease on the site by the Oxford City Farm group.

"Oxford City Farm is a great local project looking at bringing a farm into the city on the disused playground of one of the old middle schools in Oxford. Joe Reason, Women's President of WCBC said "Not only will these trees work over the next few years to carbon offset the event but we hope the six trees that we planted will have a great future in the farm and that the community will get to enjoy the fruit and nuts they will produce in the years to come."

"It was a thoroughly enjoyable day with students getting their hands dirty and being able to help the local community.”

If you would like to get involved with Oxford City Farms then please search for them on Facebook or visit Volunteer work parties on the farm are held on every second Saturday of each month - more details can be found on their website.

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