Torpids 2017

9th March 2017

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Wadham crews gave a strong performance in Torpids 2017, the University of Oxford bumps rowing race on the River Isis.

In Men’s Division 1, Wadham finished third and in Women’s Division 1 Wadham came second after nearly catching Oriel in their final race.

Bumping races evolved in Oxford as the river is too narrow for normal side by side racing. Competing crews start the race lined up in order, one behind another, with their coxes holding ropes attached to the bank, with gaps of about 1.5 boat lengths between the bow of one boat and the stern of the one in front. Racing is started by the firing of a cannon.

Crews attempt to progress up their division by hitting ('bumping') the boat in front without being hit by the boat behind, with the ultimate aim of becoming "Head Of The River" i.e. top of the first division.

Torpids results 2017

M1: Up 1 place to 3rd in Division I
W1: Up 3 places to 2nd in Division I 
M2: Up 2 places to 8th in Division III
W2: Up 3 places to 2nd in Division III
M3: Up 1 place to 6th in Division IV
W3: Down 2 places to 8th in Division V

Full results can be viewed here

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