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12th October 2017

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Wadham welcomes six new Fellows and one Visiting Fellow who join the Senior Common Room in 2017.

  • (Clockwise from top middle) Dr Scott Blumenthal, Dr Jack Miller, Professor Michael Rosen, Dr Stephan Rauschenbach, Dr Christina Benninghaus, Oliver Butler, Dr Emily McLaughlin

At a ceremony in the Warden’s Lodgings, Warden Ken Macdonald QC welcomed the new faces, including the six new Fellows, who will sit on the College’s Governing Body. Each Fellow ‘signs in’ to the book which has listed admissions of Wardens and Fellows since the arrival of the first Fellows at Wadham College in 1613.

Scott Blumenthal is Wadham’s Junior Research Fellow in Human Sciences as well as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow within the School of Archaeology, University of Oxford. Scott’s research is focused on human origins, ancient environments, and stable isotopes in teeth.

Scott Blumenthal

His current work explores dietary and climatic change in eastern Africa over the last 4 million years.

Jack Miller is Junior Research Fellow in Medical Sciences and a Novo Nordisk Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, the Department of Physics, and the Radcliffe Department of Medicine.  

Jack Miller

His research uses low temperature quantum mechanics to transiently make stable isotope labelled metabolites highly visible to magnetic resonance techniques like NMR spectroscopy and MRI. Known as Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation (DNP), this process overcomes the fundamental thermodynamic limitations of conventional magnetic resonance, and essentially forms a birth of a new medical imaging technique with potential to diagnose conditions such as cancer and ischaemic heart disease.

Keeley Visiting Fellow, Professor Michael Rosen is the Senator Joseph S. Clark Professor of Ethics in Politics and Government at Harvard University.

Michael Rosen About Keeley Visiting Fellows

He has worked on a wide variety of topics in philosophy, social theory, and the history of ideas, but is particularly known for his work on 19th and 20th century European philosophy and contemporary Anglo-American political philosophy.

Professor Stephan Rauschenbach is Tutorial Fellow in Physical Chemistry at Wadham College and a Professor in the Department of Chemistry.

Stephan Rauschenbach

His research interests lie in preparative mass spectrometry, a method of handling even the largest of molecules to make them accessible at the individual molecule level.  This is useful as a tool for atomically resolved single molecule imaging as well as for the fabrication of functional molecular coatings mimicking biological concepts. 

Dr Christina Benninghaus is Pat Thompson DAAD Fellow in Modern History. Christina is an expert of 19th and 20th century social and cultural history. Her research has focused on the history of youth, generations and gender, family and reproduction.

Christina Benninghaus

Oliver Butler, Fellow by Special Election in Law, teaches constitutional law at Wadham and is a research fellow at the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights. His research looks into justifications for regulating public authorities differently from private actors in relation to privacy, confidentiality and data protection.

Oliver Butler

Dr Emily McLaughlin is Fellow and Tutor in French. Her current research explores the emergence of ecological modes of thought in twentieth- and twenty-first-century French poetry and philosophy.

Emily McLaughlin

Lee Placito Tutorial Fellow in Medicine, Dr Monica Gullerova, is due to start at Wadham in January 2018.

  • The Signing-in ceremony

  • Dr Emily McLaughlin

    Dr Emily McLaughlin

  • Dr Stephan Rauschenbach

    Dr Stephan Rauschenbach

  • Dr Christina Benninghaus

    Dr Christina Benninghaus

  • Oliver Butler

    Oliver Butler

  • Dr Scott Blumenthal

    Dr Scott Blumenthal

  • Dr Jack Miller

    Dr Jack Miller

  • Professor Karl Kügle, Senior Research Fellow in Music, also signs in having joined Wadham in 2016.

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