Telephone Campaign Thanks!

4th October 2017

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Current Wadham students have just finished phoning over 300 alumni all over the world and the College would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who participated!

  • A visit to the call team from Warden, Ken Macdonald QC

Students have been reaching out to alumni to chat about their experiences of Wadham and asking about what alumni have gone on to do. During the calls, over 60% of alumni spoken to decided to make a gift to the Wadham Fund. These donations, which totalled close to £200,000, go towards Wadham’s access programmes and student support, including our innovative pre-16 sustained scheme in Luton, student scholarships, and academic taster sessions for visiting school students.

Donations are vital for the College’s annual expenditure. Generous alumni keep the College vibrant by making contributions at all levels. In fact, gifts to the Wadham Fund range from £5 a month to £5000 a year and these gifts make up 80% of all donations to the College, which has a huge impact on current students.

The Telephone Campaign is a great way to connect current students with alumni. They are able to talk about a range of topics from memories of Wadham, life in College today, and great career advice!

“One of nicest things about the campaign was surprising alumni who weren't aware of all the access work the college is doing and who had misconceptions about donating to Oxford colleges - hearing them be so supportive of Wadham's commitment to social mobility and changing their minds was always rewarding.” Sasha Skovron (History, 2015).

"The telephone campaign was a really great experience for me as I used to be really shy and scared of picking up the phone. However, I was able to learn how to be polite and confident and even ask for a donation, which is amazing. Would recommend to anyone who loves to chat and wants to help the College provide access to all!" Chloe Holgate (Human Sciences, 2015).