Pushing the boundaries in education

16th August 2018

News, Alumni news

Innovative steps to increase fairness in education are the focus of discussion between the Wadham's Warden and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the Australian National University in this short film. 


“Levels of marginalisation and alienation [in the UK] are very high and not getting any lower,” said the Warden, Ken Macdonald QC. “We’ve all seen in recent years what the price of this is and it’s a high one. It’s absolutely essential that educational institutions think about social mobility.”

"It’s good to be ambitious and to push the boundaries; it’s a good thing to be grabbing young people by the scruff of the neck and pulling them up, even if in doing that you’re pulling them past some people with more traditional school attainment,” he added. 

The Warden went on: “When you widen the pool and select more broadly, you drive up academic standards. We now have a college with one of the most diverse student bodies in Oxford, but also one of the highest ranking.”

Wadham Warden Ken Macdonald QC was speaking alongside Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) ANU, Professor Marnie Hughes-Warrington at an event jointly hosted by the Australian National University and Wadham College at London's Barbican. The discussion is chaired by Nik Miller, Director of the Bridge Group.