(For)Giving Tuesday – no apology required

11th December 2018

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Wadham joined the philanthropic fun launching its first ever #GivingTuesday campaign on 27 November, with dozens of alumni responding by generously giving nearly £15,000 to the Wadham Fund.

Play Wadham students

The campaign centred around a short video – calling the occasion “(For)Giving Tuesday”. The film is a playful take on the UK’s apologetic approach to fundraising from alumni, compared with the campaigns of our seasoned North American counterparts. True to script, Wadham alumni helped turn ‘ForGiving Tuesday’ to a ‘Tuesday for Giving’.

The video, which features current Wadham students Carys Dally (Psychology, 2016) and Dan Gunn (PPE, 2017), has attracted hundreds of views.

Wadham would like to thank alumni who have supported Wadham’s ground-breaking and widely praised access and outreach work through this campaign. “This brilliant alumni support makes a vital difference and helps students from all backgrounds to attend Wadham and get an Oxford education” said Wadham’s Individual Giving Manager, William Parry.

"Sincere thanks also to the American alumnus who matched all donations from US-based alumni dollar for dollar, significantly increasing the impact of this campaign," added Director of Development, Julie Hage.