Painting with pride

17th December 2018

News, Student news

Colourful student artwork acknowledging the part that protest plays in the LGBTQ movement has gone on display on hoardings at Wadham.

  • The finished artwork

  • Bryony (left) and Meg (right) with the colourful new panels

The two panels, designed by Bryony McIvor (Classics, 2017) and Meg Greenough (English, 2017) are mounted on hoardings at the top of the steps leading from Back Quad up to the Library.

Silhouetted figures with raised hands represent ‘pride and protest’ against a rainbow background, creating a strong, uplifiting and positive artwork.

The painting of the panels took place in the JCR at Wadham during Queer Week. “It was a great activity to do during Queer Week – relaxed and creative and done in a social atmosphere,” said Bryony, the Wadham SU Arts Rep. SU LGBTQ Rep, Meg added: “The panels help show Wadham as a welcoming space and distract from the building going on behind them.  They also have an important message that there is still so much to do to support the LGBTQ community.”

The drawing and painting of the panels was a shared project, with lots of students getting involved. Artists include Flora Clarke, Tori Mangan, Rose Lyddon, Theo Harris, Camilla Vergara, Reuben Woolley and Joanne McNulty.  Logistical help from Alex Rostron and Helena Carthew as well as a group of first year students was much appreciated.

Wadham students plan to get to work on more panel painting in 2019.