Watch it come down

10th December 2018

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As the Bowra student accommodation comes clearly into sight from Back Quad we anticipate Wadham's state of the art undergraduate and access centres.

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Demolition is well underway in Wadham’s Back Quad as we bid farewell to the Goddard building, making way for Oxford's first-ever purpose-built Access Centre and a fully accessible Undergraduate Centre.

Beard, the contractors who have been appointed for the demolition and construction of the Dr Lee Shau Kee Building and William Doo Undergraduate Centre, will continue the mechanical dismantling of the Goddard building structure from both sides over the course of the next month while waste trucks take materials off site for recycling and disposal.

At the same time, ICT cables are being rerouted in the basement area which is to be maintained and refurbished for the new buildings.

Watch progress on the Wadham College site via a timelapse camera, which details the demolition: and find out more about the project here.

Thanks to the inspirational benefactions from our two lead donors, generous gifts from other early benefactors and a College contribution, we have already secured a fantastic £13.6 million.

We are now looking to raise the remaining £4 million by 2020. Director of Development Julie Hage said: "We are delighted that so many alumni and friends are committing to support the Back Quad appeal by naming different parts of these inspirational new buildings. We hope many more will follow their example." 

Contributions at all levels are deeply appreciated, and there are a number of ways that donors can make their marks on these new buildings. (Further details).

The new access centre is to become the hub for Wadham’s extensive school outreach work. The undergraduate centre will provide our students with inspirational facilities for social and academic interaction. The new facilities are due to open in August 2020.