Wadham in New Zealand

19th February 2018

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Wadham alumni and friends gathered for our first New Zealand reunion in February. 

  • New Zealand alumni gather

More than a dozen alumni and guests gathered on a warm summer's evening in Auckland to celebrate their connection with Wadham and meet others living in the city. 

Thanks to generous and gracious hosts Noel (BCL, 1964) and Kerrin Vautier, old friends and new gathered to reminisce about their days at Oxford. 

Alan Poletti (Physics, 1961) and Ian Ramsay (BCL, 1962) had been the only two 'kiwis' in College at the time, soon followed by Noel Vautier and Ian Ross (BCL, 1968) shortly after.  Noel remembered that with only 14 students reading for the BCL in his year, seven had taken places at Wadham, thanks to Peter Carter and Wadham's reputation for law. 

Noel gave a touching account of his recent visit to Oxford, walking through the familiar quads and marvelling at new buildings.

Marco Zhang, Deputy Development Director, gave an update from College, news of academic achievements and the  Access to Excellence strategy.

Sincere thanks to everybody who joined this event, especially hosts Noel and Kerrin Vautier.

If you would like to organise a Wadham reunion near you, please get in touch with the Development Office (development.office@wadham.ox.ac.uk). If you are planning to return to College, we are always delighted to receive visitors and show you our recent developments.

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