Dirty laundry?

26th February 2018

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OXWASH, a new environmentally friendly laundry and dry cleaning service for Oxford is the brainchild of Wadham graduate student Kyle Grant (Synthetic Biology, 2014).

  • Kyle and Jack with the OXWASH cargo bike

    Kyle and Jack with the OXWASH cargo bike

Offering a sustainable solution to laundry and dry cleaning for students, staff and local businesses, OXWASH is operating an online laundry service, where you fill your tagged OXWASH bag with dirty linen or dry cleaning, order online at OXWASH.COM and hand over directly to one of many OXWASH riders.

Orders are picked up in an emission-free cargo bike and washed or cleaned by an out of town expert team using sustainable and efficient methods and environmentally friendly detergents. Finally customers’ clothes are returned, ready to wear.

Laundry pick-ups are currently from Wadham College, Trinity College, the Department of Plant Sciences and the Oxford Royale Academy but OXWASH is planning to expand its service locations rapidly as new cargo bikes and drivers are taken on.

Kyle and fellow Wadhamite Nelson Jones, along with Jack Parsons (New College) are the team behind the launch, along with Kyle’s co-founder Dr Aron D’Souza (Harris Manchester, Law, 2009).

“Part of our aim is to help Oxford City Centre become emission free” said Jack. “By doing student laundry efficiently on an industrial scale we will be further reducing the environmental impact.”

To start with, pick-ups will take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and washing will be returned within 48 hours at a cost of £9.95 for a mixed bag of laundry and from 50p for dry cleaning. Service users will be able to track their order pick-up and drop-off in real-time by the OXWASH platform.

When customers sign up online you will be supplied with a free laundry and garment bag and first orders are half price.
Kyle is delighted by initial responses to OXWASH: “Everyone has been so supportive and we have had a really positive response from colleges and corporate clients. It’s an ideal service for those who don’t have the time or facilities to do their own laundry.”

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