Dutch courage

20th February 2018

Student news

Genever, Dutch gin, brought members of the MCR and SCR together for an evening of networking.

Genever is the juniper-flavored national and traditional liquor of the Netherlands and Belgium.

At a recent Research Associate-organised event, Lucas Bols Brand Ambassador, Michael Mann, travelled to Wadham to share his passion for Genever (Dutch Gin).

The event started with Michael mixing some delicious introductory Genever-based drinks whilst the MCR and SCR members mingled. This was followed by a fascinating talk on the history of Genever with questions for the audience and original Tulip-shaped Genever glasses as prizes for the correct answers.

The audience got to taste three different types of Genever, one, an exclusive 'preview' taster.

Organised by Wadham’s Research Associates, this is one of a series of events taking place throughout the academic year.

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