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25th January 2018

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These informal gatherings of Wadham alumni and friends – usually in a pub or bar - are not only becoming increasingly popular, they have taken off internationally.

  • Wadham alumni at the pub

Held four times a year in London, in addition to ad hoc international gatherings, Wadham Wednesdays are attracting increasing numbers of alumni of varying matriculation years, subject areas, and careers, providing excellent networking opportunities as senior professionals and young alumni are able to mingle in a casual setting.

Encouraging alumni around the world to feel part of our vibrant community, our global Wadham Wednesdays began in San Francisco in September 2017 and Vancouver in December. Alumni will be gathering in Auckland on 16th February and Sydney on 28th February as well as in London on 7th February at the Blue Posts in St James.

Wondering how a Wadham Wednesday can happen in your city? It only takes one volunteer to start things off by arranging a venue (ideally a pub or bar) and coordinating with the College Development Team in Oxford. We will be happy to send out invitations to Wadhamites we know live in the surrounding area on your behalf.

The Wadham Alumni Society hosts the London Wadham Wednesdays as well as two alumni dinners each year with the aim of connecting Wadham alumni across generations.

Wadham Alumni Society Head of Events Sue Goltyakova (née Stanley) (French and Russian, 1984), commented: "Wadham Wednesday has been growing in popularity and it's great to see so much interest from alumni in London, in other UK cities and now across the world. Alumni of all ages gather to talk about their experiences at Wadham, meet new people and to do some useful networking.  We are always delighted to see all the regular attendees as well as new faces.  As an Alumni Society committee member and a Wadhamite, I get great satisfaction from participating in our close and unique community."

For more information about forthcoming Wadham Wednesdays or organising an event near you, please contact Zahra Stark at or +44 (0)1865 277570.

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