Bop to the drop

10th July 2018

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An alumni Bop, complete with end of the evening 'Mandela-ing', marked a final farewell to the Goddard Building JCR and celebrated Wadham's exciting Back Quad development.

An alumni Bop, complete with end of the evening 'Mandela-ing' marked a final farewell to the old Goddard Building JCR, and celebrated Wadham's exciting new development. 

Over 200 alumni from across the generations gathered in a sunny Back Quad to enjoy the festival-like atmosphere with local music acts, street food, a football screening and Pimms, before dancing got underway later in the evening. 

The Bop was the final party in the old JCR, before it is demolished over the coming weeks to make way for a state of the art undergraduate centre and Oxford’s first purpose-built access centre.

An afternoon in sunny back quad, with a screening of the England-Sweden World Cup football game, was followed by speeches from the Warden, Ken Macdonald QC, outgoing SU President, Jack Wands and President of the Wadham Alumni Society, Sachin Patel. 

Alumni heard about Wadham’s expanding access and outreach work and how these two new buildings will help facilitate this work as well as improving student life for generations of future Wadham students.   

"I always thought you would have to give a huge amount to get your name on a building, but it turns out it's not as much as you would think!," commented Sachin, who encouraged all alumni to get involved with their old college, and contribute to the building of the Back Quad development. 

The evening drew to a close to the sound of the song which has ended all Wadham Bops since the 1980s – Free Nelson Mandela – along with the tradition of Mandela-ing (dancing on each other’s shoulders).

  • Images showing the construction of the Goddard building