RAP – Wadham Graduate Conference

13th June 2018

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RAP – ‘Recycle a Paper’ – brought together nine speakers at Wadham’s Graduate Conference this June.

From solar cells and superconductors, to Thailand in World War II and the radical right gender gap in European politics, attendees from the MCR, JCR and SCR learned about research in nine different subject areas at this successful event.

“We encouraged speakers to 'recycle' a presentation that they had already used for a conference, or that they would be using in the future. The catch however, was that the talk had to be accessible to a mixed audience including MCR members from different disciplines, JCR and SCR members,” said speaker and co-organiser Chloe Lim.  

Talks were divided into subject-based panels, beginning with the Materials Sciences, and followed by History and English, Computational Sciences, and Politics.

“We were very proud to see MCR representation from across the graduate community, including students from one or two year MSt/MPhil courses, as well as DPhil students at different points in their research,” she added. 

After each panel, opportunities were given to attendees to quiz presenters, which led to fruitful discussions on the differences between disciplines, as well as the practical and ethical purposes of academic study. These conversations continued to flow at the post-conference drinks reception as well as dinner afterwards, making the conference a starting point for interdisciplinary discussion. 

The conference organisers would like to thank speakers and attendees for such a successful conference and look forward to another great session next year. 


Juliane Borchert (DPHil, 2015), Owen Smith (DPhil, 2016), Timothy Davies (DPhil, 2015), Panarat Anamwathana (DPhil, 2016), Chloe Lim (MSt, 2017), Paula Kaanders (DPhil, 2017), Gareth Molyneux (DPhil, 2016), Katherina Lawall (MPhil, 2016), Joana Perrone (MSt, 2017).

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