Calling Wadham artists

24th May 2018

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Now’s the time to showcase your artistic skill by producing an original Wadham-inspired painting, drawing or image which could be featured in a series of postcards.

In an art project masterminded by Francesca Best (PPE 2017) Wadham’s artistic students and staff are being given an opportunity to submit their original images in order to create a series of postcards which will be sold to raise money for selected charities.

Whether your talents lie in water-colour, oils, pastels, computer generated images, drawings, collage or something else, submissions should be presented in paper format, no smaller than A5 size.  The deadline for submissions is the end of the long summer vacation (8 October 2018).

A panel of judges will choose up to eight of the submitted artworks for printing as Wadham postcards.

If you would like any further information please contact Francesca Best.

  • Wadham artists

    Wadham artists with Francesca Best (back, middle)