Wadham calling

4th October 2018

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Wadham’s loyal alumni community responded with enthusiasm to the 2018 Telephone Campaign, pledging support for College’s work to broaden access to an Oxford education.

“We are overwhelmed by the support that we received from our alumni who responded so enthusiastically to our telephone campaign.  Alumni endorsement of our access work and building programmes is greatly appreciated and I would like to express my thanks to all who got involved,” said Warden, Ken Macdonald QC.

Wadham’s thirteen student callers exceeded expectations with their positivity and commitment over the course of the two-week campaign. 

Alumni in the UK and abroad have pledged nearly £182,000 to Wadham, with two thirds of those spoken to making a gift to the Wadham Fund. 

Director of Development Julie Hage said: “Alumni feedback and support for our telephone campaigns have been tremendous over the years and it’s clearly a lovely and personal way for them to connect with the current generation.  In these past weeks, donations from over two-thirds of alumni, along with warm conversations, career advice and hilarious anecdotes has made this an extremely enjoyable project for our student callers”. 

Prior to the campaign, Fellow for Access, Peter Thonemann, discussed the College’s Access to Excellence programme with the students citing examples of impact and how alumni funded access activities are making a genuine difference in bringing students from all backgrounds to Wadham.

Donations will be used to fund Wadham’s Access to Excellence programme, supporting every step of the educational journey – from pre-16 outreach to increased support for students and graduates.