An inspiring Slovak

6th September 2018


Wadham’s Dr Monika Gullerova has been named as an 'inspiring Slovak' for her outstanding contribution to UK/Slovakian diplomatic relations.

  • British Ambassador to Slovakia, Andy Garth, with Dr Monika Gullerova

    British Ambassador to Slovakia, Andy Garth, with Dr Monika Gullerova

Cancer Research UK Senior Research Fellow, Associate Professor in Experimental Pathology and Lee Placito Fellow in Medicine at Wadham College, Monika was presented with a presitious award at a ceremony in Bratislava.

British Ambassador, Andy Garth said: “Dr Gullerova is a renowned expert who, thanks in no small part to her time at Oxford, contributed significantly to DNA research. She is an inspiration for many talented young people who want to make their career in science and research, and those that wish to study at a British University.” 

Mr Garth presented awards to the exceptional people who embody the strong bonds between Britain and Slovakia. “These individuals are advocates of Slovakia in the UK and at the same time help highlight Britain and its values and culture in Slovakia,” he added. 

The August event marked the 25th anniversary of Slovakia’s split from the Czech Republic in the ‘Velvet Divorce’ of 1993. 

According to the British Embassy in Bratislava, Great Britain has always been an important ally for the heart of the Europe and more than 100,000 Slovakians live, work and study here. A statement from the Embassy commented: “Dr Gullerova, is an exemplar of what is possible when talent, support and infrastructure co-mingle.” 

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