MCR members take a hike

29th August 2019

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A summer hike in Snowdonia seemed like an idyllic long weekend for Wadham’s graduate students…

  • Starting day one energised and excited to climb a mountain or two

  • Team huddle at the top of one of the Carneddau peaks. Note the empty bag of PB&J sandie slush - the most efficient energy solution for hiking in the cold

  • Unbowed, unbent, unbroken

  • Slightly cold hiker, putting a "bag for life" to the test

  • Enjoying the tropical heat of the Carneddau foothills

  • Slightly misty...

  • Arriving at the campsite

  • Communal dinner

  • A lake near the peak of the Tryran mountain group

But, of course, you can never trust a mountain weather forecast, as Aaron Graham (DPhil Engineeing, 2018) reports.

“From July 18-21st Wadham MCR members and alumni went on a hiking/camping trip to the Snowdonia National Park; unwinding with hiking, swimming, camping, climbing and general shenanigans. 

“We arrived at about 11pm on Friday and proceeded to put up tents in a thunderstorm - this was when we learned never to trust a weather forecast in the mountains. This baptism of fire (well cold, but let's not split hairs here) bonded the group, and taught us that enthusiasm is far more important than preparation or competence when having fun. 

“We started the next day fairly early, excited to conquer the Carneddau mountain group and see the views promised by the forecasted clear day. Halfway up the mountain range it became clear that the rain would continue, so the group split into a relaxed group and a strenuous group. The strenuous group pushed on through the rain, fuelled by peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, coffee and stubborn persistence. On reaching the summit we had a quick snack of (by now liquefied and homogenised) sandwiches and coffee, before heading back down. 

“On the way back down from the top we discovered a lake, and stopped for a brief swim – when compared with the rain on top of the mountain, weather in the valley was positively tropical! 

“Day two started out with far more sun, and a hike up Mount Tryfan. Fortunately, the rain held off allowing us to appreciate the incredible natural beauty of Wales. 

“We consider this trip to be a definite success, and aim to repeat it again in the coming year - possibly hiking in Scotland next time.”