Student Travel Grants 2019

7th February 2019

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Student applications are now open for this year’s Wadham College travel grants.

The College awards up to thirty-five travel grants to undergraduates or graduates within fee-liability and/or on a compulsory year abroad. (Unfortunately final year students are not normally eligible). The grants, made possible by the generosity of Wadham alumni and benefactors, are intended for travel – and are not primarily related to the applicants’ academic work.

Successful candidates are required to write a short account of their travels in Word format suitable for publication on the website or in the Wadham Gazette.

These grants are:

T. C. W. Stinton Travel Grants
These grants are endowed by friends of the late Tom Stinton, Classics Tutor of the College. They will be awarded for travel to and within the area of the Greek and Roman world. There will be up to three grants of £350 each.

Judge Burka Travel Grants
Up to four awards of £600 are possible by the generosity of Judge Alfred Burka of Washington DC. They will be made to applicants wishing to travel in the USA. A preference will be given to those who have not previously visited the country.

Vicky Philo Travel Grants
Up to four grants of £600. Preference will be given to proposals involving some musical purpose or interest. These awards are funded in memory of Vicky Philo.

Wadham College and Marsden Travel Grants
Up to twelve grants of £350 each may be awarded for travel without restriction. Seven will be made from a College trust fund founded for this purpose by former members of the College in memory of Warden Wells, and five will be funded from the College’s Marsden bequest.

Wadham Medical Society Travel Grants
The Wadham Medical Society is pleased to supplement the College Travel Grants with a further four grants of up to £400 each which will be awarded to students reading for the BA in Medical Sciences. Any pre-clinical student who will be in residence in 18-19 (including all 3rd years who are to go to the Oxford clinical school and stay at Wadham) will be eligible.

Wadham Society Travel Grants
The Wadham Society is pleased to supplement the College Travel Grants. Grants of up to £350 are available.


Applications, including a detailed statement of the proposed travel and its purpose, should be made by completing the application form below and on the Undergraduate Finance  page or the Graduate Finance page on the Wadham College website. The deadline for applications is 12pm on Friday 29 March 2019.

Your application will form the main evidence for awarding grants; it should show some reasoned purpose and plan for the proposed travel. Applicants should nominate a college tutor, who will be asked for a reference. The committee may take account of an applicant’s contribution to college life. Applications are encouraged from those who have not travelled much previously.

Applications for grants for travel undertaken after October 2018 will be accepted, and will be considered retrospectively.

Student Travel Application Form

Important information

•    Grants will not be given to visit countries or areas which, at the time of assessment, are listed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as places to which it is inadvisable to travel (including those to which only travel on essential business is recommended). This list can be found at
•    If successful applicants do not submit a written account their travels for the Gazette or website, the College will require repayment of the award.
•   If you are intending to apply for funds for an internship that is not related to your academic study, you may apply for a travel grant. For funding for internships related to your academic area, please contact the Bursar's office for information.

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