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30th October 2019

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Applications are open for three new Research Associates to help increase intellectual exchange between Wadham’s graduate students and the College faculty.

  • Research Associates Michelle Van Velthoven and Hannah Sheahan

    Research Associates Michelle Van Velthoven and Hannah Sheahan

Being a research associate has been one of the best parts of my Oxford life


Over recent years Wadham Research Associates have fulfilled an important role in bringing members of the Middle and Senior Common Rooms together, organising a variety of events, building academic links and providing research leadership to Wadham’s growing graduate community.

Wadham is seeking two new Research Associates to join Hannah Sheahan and Michelle Van Velthoven in this role. Over the coming year, the RAs have an exciting programme of MCR/SCR events lined up, including a Wadham portrait tour, research discussion with Fellow Emilia Terracciano and a wine tasting event. 

Hannah is a Research Associate both at Wadham College and in the Human Information Processing lab at the Department of Experimental Psychology. She is interested in how humans and artificial agents learn, plan and control goal-directed actions. “One very special thing about Oxford is how the college system supports its students and fellows. Unfortunately, department-based postdoc positions are typically isolated from this aspect of the university. The RA appointment at Wadham has given me a away to contribute to the fun and supportive educational environment that colleges can create, and connect with interesting academics and students who have research interests very different to my own,” she said. 

Michelle, an inaugural Sir David Cooksey Fellow in the Healthcare Translation Research Group at the Department of Paediatrics, is conducting research focused on digital health, particularly regulatory processes and standards for novel digitally-delivered health interventions such as health apps.

“Being a research associate has been one of the best parts of my Oxford life … The role has allowed me to promote connections between people within and outside Wadham through engaging events and conversations, and thereby enhance my own network and skills. The flexibility of the role and friendly team of research associates facilitate combining it with a busy postdoc life. I feel truly grateful to have this opportunity,” she added.

If you have a PhD or DPhil or are shortly to graduate PhD or DPhil and can demonstrate how you can contribute to the enrichment of academic life at Wadham, do send in an application to Wadham before noon on Friday 15 November 2019. If you would like any further information about the work of the Research Associates please contact them at

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