Building promise

5th September 2019

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The promise of Wadham’s exciting new AL_A designed buildings was brought to life by a tour of the construction site with Beard site manager Kieran Tiller.

Ground floors and basement

  • Standing under the imposing height of the ground floor entrance to the two new buildings 

  • Into the basement and bike storage area, by the lift shaft

  • Increased bicycle storage area with two entrances and lift

  • Access to basement

  • Standing on the ground floor of the Undergraduate Centre, looking towards the Access Centre with student accommodation above.

  • Looking into the Access Centre seminar rooms from the entrance to the Dr Lee Shau Kee Building

  • Looking towards Bar Quad and the William Doo Undergraduate Centre from the building entrance

  • The staircase going down into the basement and up to the first floor

Director of Development Julie Hage and her Deputy, Marco Zhang were led round the Dr Lee Shau Kee Building, which will house Wadham’s Access Centre and student accommodation, and the William Doo Undergraduate Centre.

“It is inspiring to see the progress that Beard is making. Standing in the new buildings, you really begin to get a feel for these wonderful facilities. The welcoming atmosphere for applicants, students and staff will make such a difference to College life. And the views across the College site from the new buildings will be second to none,” commented Julie Hage. 

“We are encouraging our alumni and friends to support the final phase of our fundraising – £3m to raise by 2020. A donor wall will be positioned prominently in the new buildings with the names of our generous supporters displayed; a gift of £3,000 or more (payable over three years) will put your name on that wall for future generations to see,” she added. 

Wadham commissioned the architects AL_A, the studio of RIBA Stirling Prize winner Amanda Levete, to design the buildings in July 2016. Scroll through the slide shows to view the buildings in progress. And to find out more about about our donor wall and other naming opportunities, please visit our Building Appeal page of the website

First and second floors

  • From the Undergraduate Centre first floor lounge looking towards the Access Centre and student accommodation

  • Insulated and sound proofed flooring being installed in the Undergraduate Centre lounge. The lounge will give wonderful views over the back of the Holywell Music Room and the Oxford skyline.

  • Looking out from the first floor on the Bar Quad side of the Undergraduate Centre

  • The steel joists roughly show the layout for student rooms looking across Bar Quad at the rear of the Dr Lee Shau Kee building

  • View from a student bedroom across Back Quad

  • View from a student room towards the William Doo Undergraduate Centre

  • The lift shaft (left) providing access to student rooms in the Dr Lee Shau Kee Building

Views from the top

  • View from the Undergraduate Centre roof

  • From the Undergraduate Centre roof looking towards Back Quad

  • The McCall MacBain Graduate Centre in the foreground and Oxford skyline

  • Waterproofing material laid on the roof of the building

  • Looking towards the Undergraduate Centre and Bar Quad from the Dr Lee Shau Kee building roof

  • A great vantage point for seeing the turrets on the foundation buildings