Teacher support

26th September 2019

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Teach First, a scheme which attracts the brightest graduates into teaching, is supported by Wadham in the form of bursaries to participating former students.

  • Lucas in his classroom at Harris Academy

Former Wadham SU President, Lucas Bertholdi-Saad (History and Economics, 2015), has started his teaching career at Harris Academy in Orpington and reports on his experience so far. He is teaching History and Religious Stuidies to years seven to ten and has 13 groups for 21 lessons in a week.  He also leads Year 9 History Workschemes.

“Writing now near the end of the summer, after an intense Summer Institute training programme and a bit of time off to digest, I can see that Teach First has already been a rewarding experience. It has reminded me of my passion for History, and I am nervous and excited to start the school year at Harris Academy Orpington. 

“Having been an Access Ambassador and SU President at Wadham during my time there, and then the Vice-President for Access and Academic Affairs at Oxford SU last year, I am excited to be able to continue to work on tackling educational inequality in a very different role. At the same time, I think those links will be incredibly helpful to my students and I do not want to lose touch with Wadham and the University! 

“Wadham’s Bursary has allowed me to make a secure transition from Oxford to London. Without it, it would have been much more difficult during these summer months without a salary, based in London, and with a house in Oxford whose lease ends in September. I am very grateful to the College for this opportunity.” 

Supporting our former students into their careers and raising the aspirations of school students from disadvantaged backgrounds are vital strands of Wadham’s Access to Excellence strategy. 

Since 2011 Wadham has provided £1000 Teach First bursaries to former students with a passion for educational equality, dedicated to raising the aspirations of the young people in their classrooms and empowering them to build a future that they might not have thought possible.