Exceptional results for Wadham Leavers

18th August 2020

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Despite the disruptions of Trinity Term, caused by the pandemic, Wadham undergraduate finalists have achieved exceptional results.

  • Wadham students

Out of a cohort of 133, some 73 were awarded First Class Degrees. Thirteen History (and joint schools) students got first class results, and Oriental Studies and Maths finalists also performed particularly well. 

Warden of Wadham College Ken Macdonald QC commented: “We are extremely proud of our students, who not only coped with the upheaval and stress of the pandemic with maturity, but went on to achieve such outstanding results in their finals.”

Wadham College is working with the University of Oxford to plan opportunities for Wadham leavers to celebrate the end of their undergraduate studies once the restrictions of the pandemic are lifted.

In the meantime, Wadham is pleased to welcome leavers into our active alumni community, albeit virtual at the moment. Please visit the alumni pages of the Wadham website where we share news and upcoming event details.

President of the Wadham Society Committee, Sachin Patel (2001) commented: "We really look forward to welcoming new alumni members to our social and professional networking events."

Leavers will receive the annual Gazette, the College’s official record that details Fellowship, current members, the Academic Record, articles and news from alumni.
As graduates of Wadham, leavers become official members of the Wadham Alumni Society, a forum for contacts across generations and subjects. The Society encourages links between former and current students, and distributes a regular sum of money from the College’s fundraising efforts to enhance the student experience. 
Wadham also has a variety of sports, subject and special interest groups. College Members meet regularly for drinks, dinners, debates, reunions and fundraising events. Some societies are oriented around careers, such as the Wadham Law Society and the Wadham Medical Society providing networking opportunities. There are also societies for the Boat Club, Cricket Club and Golf Club, and most recently our Wadham Entrepreneurs group. 
Other benefits include dining privileges, guest rooms at discounted prices, events and gaudies. For more details of these please contact the Development team. And don’t forget to keep us updated with your contact details!