Meet Wadham's Research Associates

29th January 2020

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Increasing intellectual exchange between our graduate students and the College faculty is part of the remit of Wadham’s Research Associates.

  • Wadham Research Associates

    Wadham Research Associates: Becky, Heloïse, Mathias and Hannah

Three new RAs join Hannah Sheahan this term - Heloïse Greeff, Rebecca Brown and Mathias Rothmann. Together they will be helping to build academic links and provide research leadership to Wadham’s growing graduate community. With associate membership of the Middle Common Room (MCR) and Senior Common Room (SCR) membership, the Research Associates will be using a variety of methods to help increase intellectual exchange, including the organisation of research seminars and events. A successful tour of the College art collection kicked off events this term.

All four Research Associates have existing positions within the University. Hannah works in the Human Information Processing Lab at the Department of Experimental Psychology. She is interested in how humans and artificial agents learn, plan and control goal-directed actions. 

Heloïse is a member of the Computational Health Informatics Lab at the Department of Engineering Science. Her work involves creating machine learning algorithms that perform remote health monitoring of rural ‘patients’ in limited-resource settings.

Becky is a Career Development Fellow at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics. Her research focuses on the philosophy and ethics of public health. This includes looking at different ways of promoting healthy behaviours, such as educational programs, ’nudges’ and regulation.

Mathias spends most of his time in the Physics and Materials Departments, researching next-generation perovskite solar cell materials with high-powered electron microscopes. He is particularly excited about the idea of understanding how the positions of the atoms in these solar cell materials influence their macroscopic properties.

Keep an eye on the events pages of the College website for RA organised events coming up later this term, or contact them directly here.