Choral coup

17th June 2020

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Current and past members of Wadham's Chapel Choir joined forces for this glorious musical lockdown performance. 

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The virtual choir recording of Charles Wood's anthem 'O Thou the Central Orb' was put together by Director of Chapel Music Katharine Pardee with contributions from members of the Chapel Choir past and present.

Katie sent everyone involved a video setting out what they needed to do, along with the accompaniment, and they sent back their unaccompanied video and audio files.   

“It was such a tremendous gift to me receiving each file – some filmed in bedrooms, and one in the common room at Merifield. It was like Christmas”, commented Katie.

With the addition of her own recordings conducting and accompanying the anthem on the organ, Katie used a combination of Garage Band and Adobe Premiere Pro, to put the film together. 

“It’s a miracle that it turned out as well as it did and it took me more than 40 hours from start to finish but it provided me with some exciting challenges and the participants were thrilled to have the opportunity to be singing.”

Katie is hopeful that the Chapel Choir will be back to “some form of normal” next term.