Meet SU President Aaron

16th June 2020

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Aaron Kai Shankar (German and Portuguese, 2019) won the Student Union presidential election with a manifesto focused on working toward the Oxford Living Wage for Wadham staff and greater inclusivity in Wadham Student Union.

  • Aaron Kai Shankar

    Aaron Kai Shankar

In a bid to involve international students in voting in the SU elections, Aaron proposed and won a motion for longer voting periods, to take into account time differences for international students. He is also keen to form a women’s caucus within the SU to encourage greater participation by all, given the candidates for President have all been male for several years, following the back-to-back presidencies of five women.

“I’m also planning a guide to the SU as the terminology can be intimidating and I want to make everything as clear as possible and reduce pressure on newcomers to SU meetings,” he said.

“SU meetings are the best way of knowing what is going on in College – it is nice to see which charities your SU levy will be supporting and have your voice heard.  And it only takes an hour every fortnight – with free pizza for all!” he added.
Aaron has embraced Wadham since attending a UNIQ Summer School (at Worcester College) where he met a Wadham ambassador who introduced him to the College. “I’ve loved life at Wadham since coming here, and have been involved with access work as well as setting up the initiative to have Wadham students volunteer at the Oxford Gatehouse,” he said. 

Social distancing permitting, Aaron is hoping that the SU will be able to have its meetings in the new William Doo Undergraduate Centre next term but he proposes to continue meetings online too so that as many as students possible can be involved. 

Meet the new SU committee

President - Aaron Kai Shankar
Vice President - Uri Sharell
Treasurer - Ella Thomas
Chair - Ray Cheung


Welfare Officer - Clare St George
Welfare Reps - Stephanie Potts, George Jones, and Becca Funnell
Class Officer - Alexander Orlov-Holmes
Suspended Students’ Officer - Benjy Fortna 
Women’s Officers - Leah Mitchell and Lisa Muttonen
PoCRE Officers - Keisha Asare and Laila March
Disabled Students’ Officers - Keir May and Alice Bradbury
LGBTQIA Officers - Rosa Arthur and Aleisha Durmaz
Trans Officer - River Deng
Domestic Officer - Joseph Geldman
JCR Officer - Owen Somhorst
Technical Officer - vacant
Access Officer - Helen Woods
Academic and Careers - Sofía Sanabria de Felipe
Environment and Ethics Officer - Freddie Seddon
International Officer - Rhea Arora
Entz Officers - Dot Foster, Lloyd Kasper Shail, Eli Rubies, Emmanuel Campion-Dye
Bar and Social Officer - Ami Enya Lavan
Bar and Social Rep - Jackie Rao
Charities Officer - Rebecca Perez
Sarah Lawrence Rep - vacant
Arts Officer - Isobel Falk
Sports Officer - Uma Gurav
Tortoise Officer - Benedict Pery
Staff Liaison Officer - Martin Babicka
Freshers’ President - Rachel Hart
Freshers’ Reps - Aaron Kai Shankar, Finbar Kneen, Stephanie Potts, Jemima Swain, Hannah Ashford, and Meher Pahuja