Meet our MCR President

26th March 2020

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Shadi Hadj-Youssef (MSc Neuroscience, 2019) has been elected as MCR President for Wadham College 2020-2021.

  • Shadi Hadj-Youssef

    MCR President, Shadi Hadj-Youssef 

Shadi comes to Wadham from McGill University in Montreal, Canada where he completed his undergraduate degree in Neuroscience and developed an interest in Parkinson’s disease research.

He chose Oxford University because of the wealth of expert research into Parkinson’s Disease here, and was awarded a scholarship by the McCall MacBain Foundation for his Masters studies. 

His research, based in the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, concentrates on the basal ganglia, the lower brain region which is crucial for movement, learning and motivation and which deteriorates in patients with Parkinson’s Disease. “I study the basic biology of that region so that we can better understand why and how it goes wrong.” He will be doing his DPhil in the Cragg Group, joining fellow Wadham DPhil student Rishi Anand. 

Taking up the MCR Presidency in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak has not been without its challenges but Oxford McCall MacBain Graduate Scholar Shadi is confident that the MCR can remain a thriving and close-knit community throughout this period. “We have already set up a shared e-MCR platform called Discord where we can arrange study groups, share book, music and film recommendations, and support local businesses that need our help right now.” 

Shadi gained Middle Common Room committee experience when he stepped into the vacant VP Academic role on arrival in Oxford at the beginning of this academic year. “I really enjoyed the experience,” he said. “What my role entails now is a bit different but I’m happy to take the initiative in supporting members of the MCR community and I’m good at dealing with the unexpected. We will do the best we can as a committee to be creative and are looking to put in place challenges with prizes for our members (which we can leave on doorsteps). We are working to keep everyone motivated and are thinking of lots of new ways to get people engaged.” 

Having taken up rowing at the beginning of the year, the cancellation of Torpids due to the weather, and now Eights due to Covid-19, Shadi is keen to get back out on the water as soon as possible. 

“I would like to thank the outgoing MCR committee for the amazing job they did and look forward to working with our new committee and building a strong graduate student community,” he added.

MCR Committee 2020/21

President: Shadi Hadj-Youssef
VP Comms: Dominic Simpson
VP Domestic: Nikita (Nik) Nicheperovich
VP Finance: Galina Badalova
VP Academic: Joana Perrone
Welfare sub-committee: Carina Conradie, Kay Song and Sebastian Rees