Wadham medics join the front line

30th March 2020

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Wadham’s sixth year medical students have embraced an accelerated programme to register as front line medical staff during the current pandemic.

Rohin Athavale, Gabriel Bickler, Emma Flint, Ben Griffin, Ben Huggon and Marie Lucas (all Medicine, 2014) have been forced to disrupt their plans for the final six months of their course, but with no complaint, said their tutor and lecturer Dr Simon Yarrow.

“They are undergoing an accelerated programme to register them for practice, and some are volunteering to start work immediately, even though there is no obligation on them to do so. They have unhesitatingly volunteered to serve as front line medical staff and are a credit to the College,” commented Dr Yarrow. 

Warden of Wadham College, Ken Macdonald QC, added: “The College is extremely proud of these students, who represent all that is best about Wadham. Their unanimous decision to put their skills to work on behalf of the community is courageous and inspiring and they have our respect and our very best wishes.”

The students were featured in an article in the Sunday Times on 29 March: Medical students volunteer for duty on the front line.

  • Hands holding a stethoscope

    Photo by Alex Proimos via Wikimedia Commons (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)

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