6 ways Oxford Interviews are like Tutorials

11th May 2020

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A new film, 6 ways Oxford  Interviews are like Tutorials has been created by Wadham’s Access team to demonstrate teaching  and interviewing methods in Oxford.  

Play Wadham students

The video brings together two specific aspects of Oxford: tutorials and interviews, as Wadham’s Head of Access and Outreach, Hugh Munro explains. “One of the key ways Oxford is different from other universities is the emphasis on the tutorial style of teaching.  For people who haven’t encountered this before, it is hard to explain, even when pupils visit the university.”

“I’m also commonly asked a lot of questions about Oxford interviews by the pupils I work with: what will the interview be like? Why does Oxford interview when most other universities don’t? How do I best prepare?  It wasn’t until I started working here at Wadham that I understood that the interviews allow tutors to see what potential students would be like in tutorials.”
The video is designed for students to help illustrate how Oxford teaches and to make the link between tutorials and Oxford interviews more explicitly.  
It also gives tips on how applicants can prepare for interview by getting used to looking at resources that are unfamiliar to them.  
“It is common that applicants will be given an unseen resource (an article, a graph, a picture) to look at before their interview.  This allows tutors to assess applicants in a fair way.”  
In this filmed tutorial, History Professor and Fellow Jane Garnett shares resources from the Toynbee Hall archives while providing an opportunity for Wadham undergraduates Henna Khanom, Zehra Munir, Sam Miller and Mrinmoyee Roy, to reflect on their own experiences of interviews and tutorials, sharing advice about how to succeed.  
For school pupils, the video can be used alongside the resources (the Booth Map and Beveridge Poster below) that the students are talking about. For teachers, along with the video and the resources, Wadham is providing a set of slides and a lesson plan to use with pupils preparing for an Oxford interview.