Collaboration supports hot meals for vulnerable

7th May 2020


Wadham College has joined forces with University and Jesus Colleges to provide a hot meal delivery service to a group of elderly and vulnerable people in the Oxford community.

In order to scale up the project and make it sustainable for as long as there is need, Univ reached out to Wadham and Jesus who are providing additional funding for the project.

A spokesperson for Oxford Mutual Aid commented: “The strain on larger families, single parent homes and those with disabled children has been immense. A reported 30% of lone parents and 46% of parents with a disabled child are facing food insecurity and finding it difficult to manage basic nutritional needs at home. With schools no longer providing a reprieve for children reliant on free breakfast clubs and school lunches, poorer families are at crisis point.”

“Wadham was keen to help OMA after hearing about their pilot scheme,” said Wadham College Domestic Bursar Frances Lloyd. “This initiative is a wonderful way to collaborate with other Colleges in order to support our Oxford community.” 

On Friday, 1 May, Univ’s Head and Sous Chefs cooked well over 100 meals to restart the OMA hot meal delivery. Angela Unsworth, Domestic Bursar at Univ, says, “Both Jesus and Wadham have offered exactly what OMA needs; funding. And we cannot thank them enough for their thoughtfulness and consideration and for their camaraderie in scaling up this effort.”