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12th May 2020

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Carbon Codes, a start-up devoted to increasing the environmental sustainability of the food service industry, is to be launched by Wadham students.

  • The Carbon Codes student team

    The Carbon Codes student team taken before the COVID-19 outbreak

A team led by Rhim Shah (MEngineering Science, 2018), Giovanni Raiteri (PPE, 2018), Ibrahim Mohamed (Mathematics, 2018) and Edwin Lock (Merton), has developed a discount scheme platform which aims to facilitate and incentivise the consumption of environmentally friendly meals.

A mobile app and associated website provide users with a guide to restaurants serving eco-friendly meals, coupled with discounts.  

“We have partnerships with key researchers and leading experts in sustainability—and combine their databases to estimate the carbon footprint of our partner-restaurants’ meals and products. Our work is mutually beneficial for restaurants and customers alike, while furthering our shared objective of reducing the carbon footprint of the wider community,” explains Giovanni.  

The students first started working on Carbon Codes in June 2019, united by the vision of improving the sustainability of the food-service industry.  

“In September 2019 we began a stage of growth to effectively and aggressively research, validate and enter into the market over a period of one year. Since then, the company has improved its directional goals and gained much traction, not only by establishing a clear route to solving the problem at hand, but also by continually questioning and testing our ideas and the business model”, says Ibrahim.  

Inspired by the success of Too Good To Go, an app to reduce food wastage, as well as other ventures aiming to tackle the climate crisis via the private sector, Carbon Codes has grown from the initial four co-founders and is hoping to officially launch the platform in September. 

Sten Agnefjall (Economics and Management, 2018) and Louis Egerton Legum, (Biology, 2018) have joined the Carbon Codes team along with Elle Styler (Exeter) and Cas Widdershoven (St Edmund Hall)

Carbon Codes has signed Oxford’s brands including The White Rabbit, Glut and the Common Ground Café, whilst partnering with brands such as the Planet Pledge and @earthofmariaa, an influential vegan blogger. 

Carbon Codes also exhibited at the annual Oxford Saïd Entrepreneurship Forum at the Business School in March. “Oxford is an amazing place that nurtures the inner entrepreneur. With an unparalleled number of opportunities and a seemingly endless network of talented people it has made achieving our vision less of a dream and given it the potential to become a reality”, said Rhim.  

Current lockdown restrictions which have transformed the restaurant industry have been embraced as an opportunity by the Carbon Codes team to solidify relationships and work creatively with restaurant owners.

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