#WadhamProud Generosity

17th November 2020

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Grateful and sincere thanks to all members of the Wadham community who took part in our 2020 Giving Day raising more than £178,000 for the College.

  • Wadham students say thank you

Despite the uncertainty of the pandemic, more than 570 generous benefactors donated money for our widening access programme, Covid-19 support, student hardship and much more.

Thanking all those involved, Warden Ken Macdonald QC said: “Giving Day brought the College and its alumni so close together at a time when this has never been more important. Our alumni community responded with such warmth, concern and encouragement. There is indeed, something special about this College and its people.”

Over the course of 36 hours, alumni and friends, including Rosamund Pike, Amelia Gentleman and Flora Fraser, shared what makes them #WadhamProud, lending their support to our Giving Day and sharing their pride in our College and all that makes it special and different. 

Wadham academics, students, staff and alumni created a range of inspiring films and shared images and comments about the multiple aspects of Wadham life which make them #WadhamProud. 

"Access is more than a buzz word at Wadham. The whole College is focused on making Oxford as accessible as possible, to as many people as possible, regardless of their background." Sachin Patel  (Physics, 2001) President, Wadham Alumni Society 

"I feel incredibly proud of Wadham for having given all of us an amazing education that allowed us to go off and do interesting and worthwhile things with the rest of our lives." Amelia Gentleman (Russian and History, 1991). 

"For centuries, great Wadham scholars & thinkers have pushed the boundaries of knowledge & shaped modern science." Martin Bureau, Lindemann Fellow and Tutor in Physics 

"In its recruitment in all spheres of its activity, Wadham College is taking no prisoners in its desire to treat people equally and to search out the best brains; and it knows, I think, that half of the brains in the world are women, and that brains have no colour." Jeffrey Hackney, Emeritus Fellow 

“I’m proud of how inclusive and welcoming the Wadham community is to all of its students, and my experience here has definitely been enriched by its diversity.” Rishi Anand (DPhil Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics 2018), MCR President 

''I got a great education there! More importantly, Wadham embraces diversity and egalitarianism'' Foundation Fellow John McCall MacBain (Law 1982). 

Director of Development, Julie Hage, adds: “We are incredibly touched by the support and encouragement we have received from alumni of all ages and all over the world on this Giving Day. At a time when many people are facing personal hardship or uncertainty, we have been heartened by the commitment of alumni to help current and future generations of students benefit from an Oxford education”. 

The end of Giving Day was marked by a ‘thank-you film’ showing our founder Dorothy Wadham, visiting the College for the first time. If you missed Giving Day but would like to add your support, please donate here

Play Dorothy Wadham image with Jeffrey Hackney